In App purchase
By Vinod Kalathiya    |     13 Mar 2021   |    In-app purchase    |    Views 353

Just because the app is free to download, it does not mean it won’t cost you.

In-app purchases are meant to keep users engaged. In-App purchases can be used to sell a variety of content, including subscriptions, new features, and services.

In app purchase makes users to spend money on game add-ons, subscriptions, premium features, and more. These extra, supposedly optional costs can go straight on credit cards, often without any alert to the card owner.

Following are the scenarios where in- App purchase takes place.

• Create a "freemium" model for your app where the app itself is free but you pay for advanced services or functionality.

• Allow your customers to purchase items to enhance their gaming experience, such as currency, extra moves, or lives.

Unlock bonus levels or mini-games by allowing users to purchase access to this content.

What is app monetization?

App monetization  is how a user base can be leveraged into a way to earn money from the app. There are so many ways to monetize apps  that choosing the right mobile  app monetization  strategy isn't easy.

How can I monetize my app with  In-App purchase?

This approach is In-App purchase. Note that it includes virtual goods only. Physical goods don’t fall into this category. It’s extremely popular in a gaming world. Examples of what you can sell are In-App upgrades. For an exp, character upgrades or unlocking next levels. In-app consumables. They are new clothes, ammunition and other gizmos to improve avatar’s performance in a game.

If you’re considering integrating in-app purchases, make sure they complement the user experience, not disrupt it. Each one should add to the value users get from your app and not be simple cash grabs. And be sure to let users know on your App store page that while your app is free, it does include in-app purchases.

As you plan your In-App Purchase implementation, you will need to define what types of items your app will make available to its users. You will also need to determine how you want to deliver those purchased items. This section gives a brief introduction to the types of purchases supported by In-App Purchase.

There are 4 types of in-App purchases.

1. Consumable

These are the most common type of in-app purchases in mobile games. Most commonly, they refer to in-game currency, bonus health, or power-ups.

Once the player buys and uses them, consumable items disappear. They can be repurchased.

Normally, every game gives limited access of items to play.

This type of in-app purchase is perfect for players who don't like wait times and much hassle.

They want consumables here and now and can get them — for a fee.

2. Non-Consumable

Unlike consumables, once players buy non-consumable items, they have permanent access to them.

Some examples of non-consumable in-app purchase items include unlocking a level, bonus game characters, cosmetic items, and loot boxes.

This type of in-app purchase is designed to let players unlock the full potential a game has to offer