New Windows 11 - Presenting the major updates
By Vinod Kalathiya    |     07 Jul 2021   |    Windows-11    |    Views 4313

Windows 10 was supposed to be the last version of the operating system. But, after a long wait of six years, Microsoft has finally changed its mind for some good reasons and unveiled Windows 11  with some exciting features on 24th June 2021. Microsoft announced an online event to reveal "the next generation of Windows."

Here, presenting you what we know so far!

The start button moves to the bottom center. The king of Microsoft "Satya Nadella" said that Windows 11 experience is modern, and more importantly, it is centered on you. The word center is core to his vision that Windows 11 should be at the center of our digital life.

Microsoft has simplified the design and user experience of Windows 11 to empower productivity and inspire creativity. The new interface is Modern, fresh, clean, and beautiful.

It is a more secure version, and all future updates would consume 40% less space than regular updates. Microsoft has rewritten lots of binaries for the windows to make them friendlier for programmers.

Windows 11 now has more colorful icons, a universal search option, smooth touch, and a visual feel to resizing and moving windows. 

Its dark mode is super cool. Also, it comes up with some cool sounds for its start, critical error, battery low, alarm, rings, and shut down.

We will be seeing many new laptops before the end of the year 2025 with built-in windows 11. Windows 11 will compete with Mac OS in the future. The funny thing is, based on sources, Apple responds to windows 11 by saying that Windows 11 looks like Mac OS Lite. But the fact is “You can’t improve perfection”. 

Let’s drive into some of the major updates a window 11 has.

  • Centered Start Menu and Taskbar
  • Bringing Android Apps to Windows 11
  • Gaming Experience Enhancement
  • Snap your apps
  • Snapping on External monitor
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Better touch and input support
  • Widgets
  • Windows 11 System Requirements

Centered Start Menu and Taskbar

In windows 11, the taskbar and start menu is placed to the bottom center, although we can put it on the left side by tapping on settings. The centered taskbar has a totally new and fresh look. Also, it has a beautiful and clean user interface. Windows corner edges were sharp before but, now it is rounded. The Start Menu of Windows 11 is a bit more simplistic. You will only see a static list of apps, followed by your most frequented documents on the bottom. You can expand out your apps, scroll through the list, and pin apps as you choose.

Click the start button, and you will have cloud-connected recommendations of what you might need next. For search improvement, Windows 11 has a universal search option at the top. New snap layouts are optimized. So, it is effortless to find what you need quickly. You can see snap groups in the taskbar which lets you open snap layouts.

Bringing Android Apps to Windows 11

Android apps can now run natively on Windows 11. It is one of the big moves of Microsoft. 

Pretty Cool Right!

Microsoft brings the most popular apps to Windows 11 to get people to use windows. Exp; TikTok. It was made possible through the collaboration between Microsoft and Amazon. It is loading up the Amazon apps store for android apps into the Microsoft app store. It is going to run through Intel bridge technology to make sure these apps run smoothly and nicely. The bridge technology is a runtime post-compiler that enables an application to run natively on X86 based devices screens.

How does it work?

You will be able to search through the Windows app store. When you find the android app and click on download and install, you will have to be signed in to an Amazon account because it's coming from an Amazon app store. It would be interesting to see whether bridging becomes a reason for degrading the performance in windows 11 or not. 

Whether it is Universal apps or web apps, or win32 apps, all these apps will be available in the windows store. Windows 11 will also enable more Windows apps to run on new laptops and desktops powered by ARM mobile chips from Qualcomm. 

Gaming Experience Enhancement

Windows 11 must be great news for gamers. It will take gaming to a whole new level with graphic capabilities that rival reality. This time, Windows 11 will surprise you with superior graphics, astonishing speed, and an incredible selection of games. Microsoft brings Xbox series X and S features to PC. 

Windows 11 updated the gaming feature and visual experience with DirectX 12 ultimate, which will enable breathtaking immersive graphics at high framing rates.

Windows 11 introduced a new feature called Auto HDR. It will automatically update games with better lighting and more vibrant colors.

Windows 11 offers direct storage for faster load time. So users get a factually captivating visual experience. With Xbox game pass for PC or Ultimate, gamers get access to over 100 high-quality PC games with new games added all the time.

In Windows 11, games can quickly load assets to the graphics card without bogging down the CPU. This time you will get incredible games rendered at lightning speeds without taking a long-load time.

Microsoft announced that the gamers would see forward releases like Halo Infinite, Twelve Minutes, Age of Empires-IV, and more at the end of 2021.

Snap your apps

If you are a multitasker, windows 11 is definitely going to ease your work with its snap layout feature. Windows 11 has given a fascinating user interface to snap-layouts.

When you hover your cursor over the app windows maximum button, the snapping grid view drops down.­­ 

This drop-down menu allows you to choose any layouts from built-in snapping grid layouts and snap the app you are using to a particular position. Clicking on any of the selected snapping areas will automatically resize and snap your window to that area. 

Snapping is available depending on different screen sizes and resolutions. If you have a small screen, it will allow you to select from its 11 different snapping areas. If you have a large display, it will allow you to select from 17 different snapping areas. That’s great but what's greater is windows will remember these layouts even when you switch to a different app.

Finally! Windows 11 supports top/bottom app snapping when in portrait mode. On previous versions of Windows, it was only allowed to snap apps side-by-side. These improvements are going to boost productivity and good for organizing the workflow especially, for the multitasker.