What makes a great Mobile App Development Team?
By Vinod Kalathiya    |     07 Apr 2021   |    Web Development    |    Views 349

According to Evans Data Corporation, there were 26, 4 million software developers in the world in 2019, a number that in 2023 is expected to grow to 27, 7 million and 28.7 million in 2024. The USA is taking the leading position by the number of software developers reached 4, 2 million.

Among all the engineers how can you find some for your niche that stands out?

As you can see, these are some serious statements that businesses all around the world keep in mind when it comes to expanding their consumer base. That being said, the demand for mobile app developers is constantly on the rise, but not just any developers- the best ones.

What makes them best? What qualities they should pursue and what kind of human resources we need?

Let’s find out.

Different positions ask for different experience evaluations and different skills.

A clear understanding of the mobile app development team structure will help you select the right partner, spec your project properly, and ultimately find success in the market.

Keep reading and I’ll explain what all those people do, and how to get started in assembling your perfect team.

Project manager:

If we say mini CEO of a company then it will not be wrong as major responsibilities - position involves. The product manager has many names just like the responsibilities they have. Value Delivery Manager, Business Value Expediter, Vision Realization Expert, Strategic/Tactical Execution Officer and sometimes it called as Impossible Mission Coordinator.

The main function of a project manager is to manage various situations and implements methodologies clearly and concisely. The project manager should able to deal with large pools of different tasks such as Assembling project plans, giving teamwork assignments, identifying resource needs, and escalating any issues appropriately. Also responsible for having a clear idea about requirement specifications sent by the client.

Basically, the project manager should have the following characteristics.

  • Verbal and written communication skill as it is one of key to success.
  • Set goals, evaluate performance, and encourage collaboration.
  • Having a solid technical background.
  • Ability to lead and motivate a team in a critical situation.
  • Strong negotiation power.
  • Nimbly deal with unexpected problems and make sure that minor issues do not turn into major setbacks.
  • Develop a budget and make sure it is being followed closely.

Sales and marketing department

Companies should focus on marketing if they want their mobile app to succeed. The majority of app developers and marketers dedicate more than 31% of their total app development budget to marketing, according to our survey. Our data indicate the importance of mobile app marketing. Nearly 7 out of 10 companies with a mobile app (68%) have a long-term, fully documented app marketing strategy. Meanwhile, 30% of businesses have, at least, a short-term, partially documented app marketing strategy.

Sales and marketing experts turn the product into profit and consolidate the success of large teamwork.

The duties of the sales and marketing department may include

  • Defining who you are, what you stand for, what you say about yourself, what you do and how your company acts.
  • Build materials that describe and promote your core products and/or services.
  • New Strategic Marketing plan set up with modification required from time to time as per market trends.



Major responsibilities,

  • Stay abreast of UX trends and look for creative ideas and inspiration in parallel analogous worlds.
  • Provide strategic thinking and leadership.
  • A team player who can easily adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Expert-level skills in Photoshop, InvisionApp, UXPin, and other relevant design tools.

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Developers are mainly responsible for implementing UI/UX designs into a real application. They also translate requirements into workable programming code. What typically they do? They build new features, fixing bugs, learn continue, communicate, solve production issues.

As the name implies, a soft skill that application developers must present is an organized ability to manage the application lifecycle, and people involved in the process, to ensure smooth deployment and post-deployment modifications.

Application developers must have experience working with different platforms and different programming languages.

  • Java and Kotlin for Android native Application. Their basic development environment for Android devices is Android Studio.
  • Swift and Objective – C for IOS native Application. During the app development process, iOS specialists use Xcode to create an environment for app building.
  • A team player who can easily adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • Expert-level skills in Photoshop, InvisionApp, UXPin, and other relevant design tools.



Vinod Kalathiya

Vinod Kalathiya is Founder and CEO 30 years Young and founder of Sensussoft Software Pvt Ltd. Particularly interested in software engineering, marketing management, human resources management, and operational and strategic planning.

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