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Cross Platform
Cross Platform

Cross platform mobile development refers to the development of mobile applications that can be used on a mobile platform. In the business world a growing trend is adapted by each and every individual. Cross platform mobile development can either involve a company developing an original app on a native platform or developing the original app in a singular environment for development that will allow the application to be sent to many different native platforms.

These tools are useful as they decrease costs and increase the speed at which applications are developed. It is quite simple to use as they are based on most the common languages for scripting including CSS, HTML, and Javascript. In Sensussoft we are developing the application on cross platform as per the client’s requirements. The followings are the two types of cross platform applications.

The platform will sit down with the kind of processor (CPU) or different hardware on that a given package or application runs, the kind of package on a laptop or the mixture of the kind of hardware and therefore the sort of package running on thatassociate degree example of a typical platform is Microsoft Windows running on the x86 design. Different well-known personal computer platforms embrace Linux/Unix and MacOS – each of that area unit themselves cross-platform. There is a unit, however, several devices like smartphones that also are effectively laptop platforms, however less unremarkably thought of therein method.

Application computer code will be written to rely upon the options of a specific platform—either the hardware, package, or virtual machine it runs on. The Java platform could be a virtual machine platform that runs on several operative systems and hardware sorts, and could be a common platform for computer code to be written for.


Followings are some benefits that we get for developing applications on cross platform

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