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Hibernate web services are an object oriented mapping tool for the Java programming language. It handles object relational impedance mismatch problems by replacing a direct persistent database access with high level object handling functions. It provides in depth concepts of frameworks. Our company use this service as it is not only taking care of the mapping from Java classes to database tables but also provides data query and retrieval facilities. Followings re some benefits of using this service

It’s affords obvious endurance for Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs). The best strict requirement for a persistent class is a no-argument constructor, no longer always public. Proper conduct in a few applications additionally requires unique interest to the equals () and hashCode () techniques. It’s recommended supplying identifier attribute and it’s becoming a demand in an upcoming release. Collections of record objects are generally stored in Java series classes such as implementations of the Set and list interfaces. Java generics, introduced in Java five, are supported. Hibernate may be configured to lazy load related collections. Lazy loading is the default as of Hibernate 3. Related gadgets can be configured to cascade operations from one of the alternative. As an instance, a figure Album object can be configured to cascade its store and/or delete operation to its toddler track items.

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