The Strategic Partnerships We Offer

Here are the two partnership models that you can choose from in order to join hands with us:

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Referral Partnership

A referral partnership is built on relationships. A referral partner has a pre-existing connection with the person they’re referring to you.

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Sales Partnership

Marketing tactics and techniques are always evolving. And as technology advances, so do the ways how businesses advertise their products and services.

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About Our Referral Partnership

Our referral partner program is open for any individual, a professional consultant, a freelancer, a sales professional, or an organization, that can refer Sensussoft services to potential customers using various channels.

  • Attractive commission for each sale.
  • 4-hour training & support to take maximum benefit of our referral tools.
  • Banner to publish on your website or blog
  • Email Templates to refer Sensussoft services to your contacts
  • Social Media Message Templates to refer Sensussoft services to your contacts.

Apply for a “Referral Partnership”. After we verify and approve your application, you may choose from one of the options below to recommend our services and earn the commission.

3 Simple Steps To Earn With Our Referral Program

  1. Recommend Sensussoft Services

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  2. Wait For A Sale

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  3. Earn Commission

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About Our Sales Partnership

We promise you productivity and consistency throughout the partnership. Our “Sales Partner” can be an organization that is a value-added reseller capable of comprehensively handling the leads right from its generation to gathering requirements, up to the final development & deployment of the solution as per the client's requirements.

  • Prerequisites to form a Strategic Alliance as a Sales Partner:
  • Expertise in cloud products and client implementation.
  • A substantial Market presence and lead generation capabilities in your region.
  • Knowledge of Web & Mobile Application Development Life Cycle. Knowing a craft makes you better at understanding what the client wants.
  • Passion and confidence for Sensussoft Team capabilities. Being a partner is about having mutual trust and faith.
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Our Main Partner

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