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App Development Service


Swift App Development

Sensussoft is a leading software development company where we are using swift programming language for developing iPhone applications. It is a general purpose language developed by apple Inc. it is designed to work with apple’s cocoa, cocoa touch and large body of objective-C.

Custom swift app solution
Enterprise swift app solution
swift app Support
Optimization and Maintenance

Swift App Development Process

1. Discovery

Eliciting Requirements, Competitor and Stakeholder Analysis, Tech Feasibility, App Monetization

2. Architecture

Define MVC Modules, Create Frameworks, Define Network Layer, Database Layer, UI Layer

3. Development

Frontend Development, Functionality Development, Integration, Backend Development, Code Review, Unit Testing

4. Quality Assurance

Functional, Integration, Usability, Performance Testing on actual devices

5. Play store Submission

App Submission, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, MDM

6. Post Launch

Monitor Crashes, Actionable Analytics, User Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization.

Swift App Development Service include


Swift adopts the best of C and objective-C without the constraints of C compatibility. It uses the same runtime as the existing obj-C on Mac OS and IOS, which enables swift programs to run on many existing IOS 6 and OS X platform.

Swift is friendly to new programmers. It is an individual quality programming language that is expressive and enjoyable as a scripting language. Writing swift code is easy to use sand without the overhead of building and running an application.

Our expertise is massive and we deliver: